After thorough consideration, The Frame recently received approval for in-person use of our gallery space with COVID precautions, including support for remote applicants. We will have extra sanitizing and social distancing measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
We’re excited to announce our fall 2020 call for proposals, but understand that it’s a short turnaround for the first few slots. Please spread the word and bear with us through this delayed start to the season. Looking forward to reading your proposals!

Proposals are due October 25th. All CMU students can find A Tartan’s Responsibility course and quiz on their canvas site. If you have any further questions, please email us at 

Our mission, above all, is to support the student body as a space to gather, create, and engage in critical discourse. In light of recent events, we feel it necessary to provide the resources for people to access discourse that support black lives and amplify black voices. We want to represent our community well. As such, it is important for us to actively support the black lives matter movement. We also want to be thoughtful in how we can offer support. We will try our best to provide the resources to educate the community and offer up ways that you can further support the cause.
Lately a lot of people have been circulating reading lists about race, policing, and other relevant subjects. We are aware that many are out of work right now, struggling with everything that is going on. As such, we would like to use our platform to make books and other critical texts more accessible and give people some resources to educate themselves and others. If you like what you read and learn from it, consider buying the book and giving it to someone else. Support the authors when you are able to so they get royalty payments. Right now, it's really important to take a step back and consider where you are shopping, eating, and buying things in general. To help promote black artists, black owned galleries and black owned businesses, we have listed a variety of places to eat, shop, and support art.
Lastly, we have also compiled some other resources to do your part. They are Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon specific; however, it’s pretty easy to find information about every city budget and every university’s corporate connections if you’re willing to look.
This list is by no means comprehensive. If you know more resources that would be useful, please comment or reach out to us so we can add them. Access the document here.

Pilot Hole: New Work Every Friday at 6:00 EST

Open Call

While The Frame’s physical location is closed for the remainder of the semester our mission to support interdisiplinary collaborations, creative risk taking, and community engagement has not changed. We want to see what you are making now, what you are thinking about,  and how you are dealing with your current circumstance. Pilot Hole will be shaped by the submissions we recive. This is a place to share what you are making, host crit groups, panel discussions, collaborativley write resource lists, post works in progress, and more! 
To have your work featured on Pilot Hole, email us at Submissions sent by Tuesday will be considered for that week’s Pilot Hole.

Image submitted by  Jacquelyn Johnson


Have you shown at The Frame? Email us so we can add you to our archive!

For each show we need:
Email with the subject line, ARCHIVE. Include the show title, exhibiting artists, dates, images, a short statement aboout the show, your current artist website or social media (if you want), and any press links about the show.



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