Carnegie Mellon University Advanced Sculpture students; Featuring works by Pat Miller-Gamble, Miranda Miller, Toby Donoghue, Judy Li, Olivia Yi, Adrienne Cassel, Darya Kharabi, and Liza Goncharova: Collective Skin

November 30 – December 2
Carnegie Mellon University Advanced Sculpture students will take over the Frame Gallery on Friday, November 30 with objects and durational performances. Despite the admonition to “just be yourself,” identity is no simple matter. We cannot really understand ourselves outside of the realm of the social and we all choose our role, behavior, and appearance according to context. Far from being pure expressions of our innate beings, our identities are the result of a complex and never-ending process by which our personalities negotiate day-to-day circumstances and larger historical, cultural, and social forces. In this show, the artists explore contemporary practices that ask poignant questions about the self as a place where nature and culture meet and where the political becomes personal.

This class and show are under the guidance of Professor Heidi Wiren Bartlett.