Summer Leavitt:  We Have a Future Perhaps

November 10th ~ November 20th

In the absence of institutionalized documentation or in opposition to official histories, memory becomes a valuable historical resource, and ephemeral and personal collections of objects stand alongside the documents of the dominant culture in order to offer alternative modes of knowledge” *an Ann Cvetkovich quote featured in Queer Times, Queer Becomings* . Also featured in Queer Times, Queer Becomings are references to the Derridean archive fever, “to be en mal d’archive (in need of archives) is not just to desire a past, but to burn with a passion for origins; a nostalgia, a homesickness.” This show is a collection of seeking origins and creating, documenting, archiving moments of my own queer existence and queer desire to prolong them, find representation, take myself into the future. Thinking about time and erasure, these works are a declaration and affirmation of my existence, constructing a narrative in which no matter what the future is, I, as a queer person, can still exist